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Cougar String Camp Registration Form

This form is only for those NOT applying for a scholarship. Scholarship applicants should click on this link for the scholarship form.

Before beginning the registration process, please carefully read the entire form and make sure that you have all the answers (especially the skill level teacher assessment). Payment is by credit card only, Visa or MasterCard. If you cannot pay by credit card, then please e-mail Meredith Arksey and she will arrange for you to pay by check. This form does not "save" and you’ll have to start over again if you cannot finish it in one sitting.

Everyone is required to submit a recording consisting of a two or three-octave scale, once played slowly for tone and vibrato, and once played in 16th notes at mm quarter-note=100, and two to four minutes of a piece or pieces of your choice that show lyrical and technical skill (may be accompanied or unaccompanied). 

To submit recording, please see How to Send Your Recording on drop-down menu

If you’re not sure if you meet the minimum skill requirements listed on the string camp website, please contact Meredith Arksey and she will help you decide.


The online application, including fees, must be received by May 17, 2019. 
Cancellations prior to May 17, 2019 will be refunded.

Please fill in the following information.

First name:
Last Name
Street Address
E-mail address that you check regularly
Parent's E-mail (Registration confirmation and camp information will also be sent to this address)
Birthdate (Month/Day/Year)
Phone (Please include area code)
School Name
How Long Have You Played?
Have you studied privately?
If so, how long?
Grade in Fall 2019
Name of private teacher (if any)
Teacher's Phone
Teacher's E-mail
Do you play in an orchestra?
If so, name of orchestra(s)
Have you played in a chamber group?
If so, name the most difficult chamber piece you played (Composer, Title)
Have you attended Cougar String Camp before?
If so, when?
List significant past and present playing experiences, awards, other camps attended.
Name the most difficult solo piece you have played (Composer, Title)
On average, how many hours per week do you independently practice?
Please ask your private teacher or orchestra director to rate you 1–5 (1=beginner, 5=advanced) in the following areas:

Independent Counting
Name and e-mail address of the teacher who rated you
Please indicate your T-shirt size.
Adult Small
Adult Medium
Adult Large
Adult Extra Large
Choose one of the following camper options:
Residential Camper, $490 (living in the dorm with all meals supplied)
Day Camper, $320 (commute daily to camp, lunches provided)
Roommate Preference (for residential campers only)
Please select your roommate preference
I have no preference. Please select a roommate for me that is from my own gender and age group.
I am willing to be placed in a single room (no extra cost).
I prefer to share a room with my friend (type in friend's name below).
Friend I would like to room with:

Please record: 1) a scale of your choice (two or three octaves), played twice, a slow version and fast version, and 2) two minutes of a piece of your choice.

This is the end of the registration form.

Please click on the "Continue" button
to proceed to the payment page. Payment is by Visa or MasterCard only.

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