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Hospitality Week Burtenshaw Career Night Registration

Burtenshaw Hospitality Career Night – Registration

Company Name
Company Representative First Name
Company Representative Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Company Address
Company City:
Company State:
Company Zip:
Will you need access to electricity for your Career Night booth?
Will you need an interview room for next-day interviews?
If yes, how many interview rooms would you like to request?
Time block requested for interview room (available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
Please let us know more about the available positions (internships, management training, etc.) and type of students you seek (graduates, those with specific majors, etc.).
Do you have any special requests or requirements for this event?
Company Representatives

Total Attending Representatives
First and Last Names of the other Company Representatives attending (separate by commas)
Email addresses of the other Company Representatives attending (separate by commas)
Total number of company representatives attending the post-event reception in the Marriott Hospitality Teaching Center dining room.


Amy Alonzo
Marriott Foundation Hospitality Relations Manager
WSU School of Hospitality Business Management


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